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Why We Do the Things We Do…

While dodging the hoards of Whole Foods workers delivering $80 turkeys to the 1% in Tribeca this AM I saw this in the trash.  Marriage breakup?  Death?  Eviction?  Space problems?  New beginnings?   Whatever the reason a portion of history, albeit personal, was tossed.

While our focus is different, we’re here, like all archives, to save what we can.  Maybe less important than a life documented in family photographs, we believe there is value in preserving our musical heritage.  We’ve been doing this, as best we can, with what we have.  2017 will be our 32d year of saving as much music as possible, even if we have to pick it up off the streets.

So support us if you can – with a donation of materials or joining the ARC.  Our sale is coming right up and that’s a great time to come by and say hello and find some nice gifts for the Holidays.


ARC’s Holiday Record + CD Sale

Sat, Dec 3 and runs through Sun, Dec. 18.
We are open everyday, 11am – 6pm.

This is our major fundraiser, so come by and shop
– books, CDs, LPs, singles, VHS, DVDs, sheet music + more
Help us out ! Blog, face, tweet, post or shout out about our sale…

Join ARC + attend our Holiday Sale Party – great food, nice people
and first crack at all the recordings!
ARC members ONLY, Thursday Dec 1, 6pm
PARTY treats = Champagne and Two Boots Pizza.

Call or e-us. You can JOIN and help support ARC with YOUR tax deductible donation via NYcharities.org or hitting the PayPal button

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