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This page provides an overview and links to the initial posting of databases and discographies here at the ARC – the metadata on recordings and books. We’ve also posted the “A” section of the genres catalog and the “A” and “B” of the instruments catalog. These databases will take a while to perfect. In addition we have created an overview of Special and Named Collections. Catalogs are updated frequently.


This database represents the first stage of listing all of the the holdings at ARC – about 150,000 from our collection of more than two million recordings. Obviously this part of the new website is a Beta version, so bear with us. We’ve developed a one line format in an attempt to limit mouseclicks while successfully identifying the recording you are searching for. Eventually there will be a second screen with song titles, song lengths and publishing information. Updated frequently.
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Books + Publications

This catalog is our online database of the catalogued music related publications at ARC. To date it is primarily books, catalogs and songbooks – about 8,000 titles. We have also indicated which books have already been scanned in conjunction with the Internet Archive in San Francisco. The entire collection to be entered includes books, catalogs and pamphlets (18,000), songbooks (3,000), sheet music (23,000), periodicals/magazines/fanzines (50,000) and hundreds of thousands of clippings, photographs and press kits. Updated frequently.
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Musical Instruments

ARC’s Musical Instrument Catalog is an online version of our database defining more than 3,776 instruments common to popular music performance worldwide. We are slowly adding instruments as we edit the data, and in early 2015 added 209 “B”s to the 142 from the “A” list.
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ARC’s Music Genre Catalog is an online version of our database defining more than 3,150 distinct styles/genres of pop music worldwide. A wide variety of dance forms that have created a unique musical accompaniment that evolved into a genre/style are also included, such as samba, waltz, twist, etc… This authority file helps us characterize, without limiting, our catalogued collections, informing our subject headings as well as facilitating specialized research and general inquiries. Our goal is to have the first iteration of this entire database up and running in fall 2014. Here’s the first version of 114 genres in our ‘A” list.
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Special Collections

Specialty collections are focused groups of related materials, donated or funded by an individual(s) or institution. A named collection usually indicates ongoing financial support to grow the collection. All major donations electronically link the donor to the recordings in our databases, and you can search a growing number of these collection by name in our online catalog.
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