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This database represents the first stage of listing all of the the holdings at ARC — more than 270,000 from our collection of two million plus recordings. Obviously this part of the new website is a Beta version, so bear with us. Then again, a lot of libraries have 650 unique Beatles recordings, but not many also have 150 from Fela Kuti.

We’ve developed a one line format is an attempt to limit mouseclicks while successfully identifying the recording you are searching for. Eventually there will be a second screen with song titles, song lengths and publishing information. The “collection” field tells you who donated the recording (when we know) or a specific collection it is a part of. The search box does a find in all fields you see, and some you don’t – so you can also search by genre, style, geographical region, country or collection. Hit the field name to sort by that field, A-Z and Z-A. We’re starting with enough info to let you know if we have a specific recording in this easy to understand quick view, with a full track listing to follow. If you see two recordings with the same manufacturing number and an asterisk (*), it indicates substantially different packaging or contents. We’re working on an easy ways to download data, so for now you can click and drag to cut and past data for your own use.

Last update: February 7, 2017


!!! !!! [chk chk chk] Louden Up Now Touch and Go TG234 2004 12" LP ARC rock alternative
!!! !!! [chk chk chk] Louden Up Now Touch And Go TG234 2004 5" --- CD ARC dance rock
--- Ray Milan Million Sellers Go Bossa Nova 12" 33 LP ARC
--- Gal Costa Mina d'água do meu canto BMG US Latin; USA 74321-26323-2 1995 5" CD Zero Freitas Brazilian Music Collection/Bo Ross Brasil Brazil Northeast Brazil South America
--- Dorival Caymmi A Musica De Dorival Caymmi Philips Digelius Catalog Brasil Brazil Brasil South America
--- Maria Creuza Convite Para Ouvir Rge Digelius Catalog Brasil Brazil Brasil South America
--- Klaus Doldinger's Passport Back to Brazil Warner Strategic Marketing; Germany PR 04118 2003 5" CD ARC South America Brasil Brazil German; Jazz; Brazilian influence
--- Eliane Elias Fantasia Blue Note; USA CDP 0777 7 961 46 2 2 1992 5" CD Zero Freitas Brazilian Music Collection/Bo Ross South America Brasil Brazil bossa female jazz piano Brazil
--- Gilberto Gil Live in Tokyo Celluloid / Braziloid BR 4009 1988 12" 33 LP ARC2 South America Brasil Brazil artist Brazil tropicalismo vocal
--- Gilberto Gil Raça Humana WEA Latina WH 52122 1984 5" CD ARC2 South America Brasil Brazil vocal tropicalismo samba bossa nova Bahia Brazil artist