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The Parallel Universe…

Unsettling coincidences here @ ARC lately. Going trough a recently donated batch we came across this single, “The President Song” by Victor Trumper.  At first glance all I saw was, “Victory Trump.”  THEN, last Saturday, the day Mr. Trump was shot, “Are… read more >>

Songs South of the Shawangunks…

Upstate neighbor William “Wilbur” Houghtaling has been dropping off early C&W, Bluegrass and Hillbilly 78rpm 10” shellac recordings lately.  Daily visits.  Now over 1000 discs. The disc at the top, “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” is the original version of a song that… read more >>

$5 in 5 Minutes x 2 = bliss

Sometime you can spend hours at a flea market, walk for miles, and the best thing you buy is some fried dough.  Today was just the opposite.  The record tote above, Marie’s record tote, was on the first table I saw.  Like… read more >>

Punk – older and newer

Big thanks to the one & only Julia Gorton for her recent generous donation! We are big fans of her work, and we’re excited to add these to our book collection! If you’re not familiar please click over to @julia_gorton_nowave. To purchase… read more >>

Happy Birthday Quincy Jones

One of my favorite albums by QJ is Big Band Bossa Nova (Mercury, USA, MG 20751, 12″, 33, LP, n.d.). featuring the great “Soul Bossa Nova”.   Still it’s the productions and arrangements that floor me.   And the best? What I adored, I… read more >>

ARC in the NEWS

Lots of buzz these days since ARC was featured on CBS Mornings.  They did a great job.  The goal is to help us find a new home, and an ‘angel’ (read ARCangel) to help fund it.  Our goal is to transition from… read more >>

Recently in @ ARC

Here’s a swell R&B release that recently arrived at ARC.  I found “Mexico/Dee I”  by the Rocketones at the recycling Center, the only record that was there that day.  Now this is a terrific bit of Doo Wop, only scarce because of… read more >>

A Few Unanswered Questions?

Where is the James Smithson of our times? Someone who sent a young Nation the money, to create a scientific institution, established “for the increase and diffusion of knowledge ….” Where is the Andrew Carnegie of our times? Someone who funded 2,509… read more >>

Natty or Nice?

Tis the Giving Season and he knows if you’ve been natty or nice!  So why not be both?  Consider a donation to ARC –  help us preserve all things musical.  We’re in the middle of our Capital Campaign and can use the… read more >>

Giving EVERY Tuesday

ARC’s not-for-profit status was granted on Nov. 24th, 1985. Sure we were collecting long before that, but now we were official. Since that time we’ve grown to be the largest popular music collection in the world with more than 3 million recordings…. read more >>

11 boxes of Gold Coins

In 1838 James Smithson’s estate sent the United States 11 boxes of gold coins. $508,000 then, worth about $16.5 million now. Smithson’s will stated it was “to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase… read more >>

1984 Wasn’t So Scary

As you all know ARC has been inundated with amazing collections lately.  The latest is from the wonderful Sarah Lazin, a leading book agent who established Rolling Stone Press and has remained an ARC pal for more than 30 years. Every year… read more >>

So you can Labor less

Well for Labor Day, trying to give everyone a little less WORK, and realizing that most of the coloring book pages I’ve been creating for Wax on Wax are detailed, for colored pencils. This one’s kinda casual for crayons.  Of course if… read more >>

Listen to 470 singles @ ARC – that’s ARCology

This playlist has been lovingly assembled by ARChivist Tim Broun as he began cataloging the first one hundred thousand 45’s here at the ARChive of Contemporary Music. As we do everyday, each record is individually processed, the donor noted, and in some… read more >>

From Her to Eternity

From Her to Eternity is the first comprehensive overview of all the pioneering women photographers who offer glimpses into the life – on and off stage – of suspicious characters, idols, movers, shakers, and mere geniuses.  It’s also ARC’s first traveling exhibition…. read more >>

Some Good Rainy Day News

Some good rainy Day News.  To date we’ve catalogued 5,322 LPs, 8,413 CDs, 2,542 seven-inch 45rpm singles, 1509 ten-inch 78s and 7 flexidiscs as part of the Keith Richards Blues Collection. All-in-all that makes 17,793 Blues discs housed here @ ARC.  Illustrated… read more >>


As you may know we cultivate obscurata along with the everyday.  You know, like the hundreds of classic James Brown recordings along with the variations that make our daily cataloging grind run smoother.  So today we added 14 just catalogued 45s featuring… read more >>

ARC mini Record Sale is back, sorta, kinda…

Like the label says, we’re joining some of our upstate neighbors on Memorial Day Saturday for a little get together.  This sale is organized by record maven + ARC’s number 3 essential employee, Tim Broun.  We’ll just be bringing 3 or 4… read more >>


No Maypole in the yard, but plenty of birds up here at the ARC.  Including these metal ones chirpin’ a Chilliwacky number.  Above image gives you an idea of how they will look in the coloring book we are creating, based on… read more >>

Donate and Save the Earth

“If you don’t take these we are going to throw them away.”   That was the message we got recently.  55,000 CDs.  AND we were given 18 days to accept and relocate the collection.  And it was a-way-out-west. 2,190 miles a-way-out-west.  After we… read more >>