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Ice Cream Wars

Today, Boing Boing did a little bit on the Ice Cream Patent Wars of the 1930s and linked to two archive.gov articles by Jefferson Moak entitled The Frozen Sucker War: Good Humor v. Popsicle (click here for links to part one and… read more >>

DOG DAZE O’SUMMER record + cd sale!

FOLKS! It’s that time of the year for the big DOG DAZE O’SUMMER record + cd sale! Our sale raises money to help fund the ARChive. It begins Saturday, JUNE 23 and lasts until Sunday, JULY 1 and runs from 11 am… read more >>

The Buddha Box is Back!

Readers will doubtlessly remember B.George’s post a little while back about the Buddha Box. Well, when B.George finally returned from Singapore, a demonstration was in order. Turns out, his box has 18 loops of nirvana-seeking awesomeness. It runs either on three AA… read more >>

Boris Vian, instrumentiste

I first heard about Boris Vian (3/10/1920 – 6/23/1959) in James Campbell’s Paris Interzone, heralded in the punk-friendly chapter head, “We will spit on Boris Vian.” Interzone describes literary post-war Paris seen from the perspective of Black American expats and the porn… read more >>

Best case scenario for an Ethnomusicologist.

Yea, so what if Xeni Jardin got there first. I’m loving it, so it goes up here, too. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7qxbD1tk18]

New ARChive Uniforms!

In Singapore they are offerings to the dead. Here in NYC they’re a fashion statement. Bob brought all the kids sacrificial paper shirts. Mine is an example of a very rare imprint; Ralph Lauren’s Pollo. Tastes great with arroz y frijoles negros…. read more >>

Mento, Calypso, The Beat, Oh My!

This month’s issue of The Beat arrived today. Although it’s special because it’s the “25th Annual Bob Marley and the Wailers Collectors Edition,” it has particular meaning for me because it includes two obituaries I wrote about friends who have recently passed:… read more >>

Paris, Back in the Hoose Cow

  [Added June 19: HEY! FOR ANOTHER PARIS COMPARISON, CLICK HERE!] […and don’t forget our big summer sale!] Quelle pauvre! Paris, she is going back to the slam! I thought I might commemorate the event with a list of “prison” songs (Don’tcha… read more >>

Chlorine your eyes, pop your ears!

Today, we’ve invited our friend and volunteer Diana to write a post on the topic of her choosing. (She has her own blog, wouldn’t you know?) Enjoy! =============== The ice cream trucks are tinkling away, mosquitoes are out for blood, and free… read more >>

Spotlight on Singles

The other day I was down in the dungeon (ARC’s basement where we keep the 45s) searching for Sly & the Family Stone singles for a Vanity Fair project. While there, I found these four groovy records:   The first was “The… read more >>

Fame. Sweet, sweet fame.

Yes, you read right, I’m famous and it’s sweeter than Yoo-Hoo. The other day, an Associated Press reporter interviewed me for a podcast called “Lick for Licks” about ice cream truck music. I understand that this particular division of the AP is… read more >>


[youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7J1U7rcTLZE] O, you and your notions of Western modernity, superiority, creativity. I’m in Singapore and that America is in yesterday’s timezone is more than a metaphor. This is the book checkout system in Singapore at all the libraries. A credit card, National… read more >>

The sound of Greenland melting

  I wonder if this is a relatively new sound that is now happening more often (thus providing sonic evidence that climate change), or something indigenous Greenlanders have heard for hundreds of years? (I suspect the former.)


National Day of Slayer

Lest we forget, today is the one year anniversary (06-06-07) of the National Day of Slayer (6-6-06). My official statement on participation will be by forcing Jon and Phreddie to listen to South of Heaven here at the ARChive. No, they won’t… read more >>

The Boys in the Backroom

Every year there is a major music industry trivia contest organized by Rich Appel up at Sony, and a cast of indefatigable characters in-and-out of the music industry. They have a lot of fun and the event raises money for good causes…. read more >>

The Making of a Governor

In January of ’07, ARC was asked to create the soundtrack to accompany the exhibit “Making of a Governor” that would also be played at the New York City reception for the new Governor of New York, Eliot Spitzer, at Vanderbilt Hall… read more >>

The Prisonaires

She’s in the jailhouse now

Paris Hilton is in the clink, poor thing, but jail can be a source of creativity – witness the glory of The Prisonaires. Can’t wait for that new album, honey. You should try a few Leadbelly covers. – Jonny UPDATE: ‘NOTHER UPDATE:

São Paulo, Brazil, garbage can

Conga Can

Check it out! The garbage cans at the airport in São Paulo, Brazil, look like conga drums!  Does anyone out there know if these can be found elsewhere in São Paulo? dtn

The MP1 is in the Lotus

No idea exactly what to call this playback device, but found it in a religious store, between a Buddhist and Hindu temple in the Little Indian section of Singapore. Buttons on top switches tracks, and this battery operated chocolate colored plastic item… read more >>

Back from Bahia

Dan here, just back from the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) meeting in Bahia, where I presented a paper looking at the intersection of early Jamaican mento records, eBayers in Jamaica and eBay’s potential role in the theory of historical ethnomusicology. I’m glad… read more >>