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The Prisonaires

She’s in the jailhouse now

Paris Hilton is in the clink, poor thing, but jail can be a source of creativity – witness the glory of The Prisonaires. Can’t wait for that new album, honey. You should try a few Leadbelly covers. – Jonny UPDATE: ‘NOTHER UPDATE:

São Paulo, Brazil, garbage can

Conga Can

Check it out! The garbage cans at the airport in São Paulo, Brazil, look like conga drums!  Does anyone out there know if these can be found elsewhere in São Paulo? dtn

The MP1 is in the Lotus

No idea exactly what to call this playback device, but found it in a religious store, between a Buddhist and Hindu temple in the Little Indian section of Singapore. Buttons on top switches tracks, and this battery operated chocolate colored plastic item… read more >>

Back from Bahia

Dan here, just back from the Caribbean Studies Association (CSA) meeting in Bahia, where I presented a paper looking at the intersection of early Jamaican mento records, eBayers in Jamaica and eBay’s potential role in the theory of historical ethnomusicology. I’m glad… read more >>

Crazy Bumpkins

B here. Am in Singapore with Göran Andersson, who is on our Board of Trustees in ARC’s Paris office, to discuss the possibilities of an ARCeast. Singapore is an oasis of hygiene in South East Asia. Think of it as similar to… read more >>

Thank you Ms. Ariel!

Yesterday, Ariel Hyatt of Ariel Publicity donated nearly 1200 CDs to the ARChive!! For the rest of the day, Bryan, Diana and I went through them to determine what we needed and what we could sell (The ARChive sells the third copy… read more >>


Mom’s basement may be too small

In last week’s New Yorker is a supremely bugged out article about a guy who is keeping a “Lifelog” documenting practically every moment of his life. He walks around with a heat sensitive camera around his neck which takes a couple thousand… read more >>

Bloomberg Save CBGB


This morning, the ARChive received a call from the Mayor’s office informing us that they had received our invitation to the Summer Sale. You can imagine our excitement. It was with great regret, however, that we learned he would not be able… read more >>


Leonard James and His Orchestra—Boppin’ and A-Strolllin’ (Decca) By Phast Phreddie Patterson   Leonard James was a high school friend of Mac Rebbenack—AKA Dr. John the Night Tripper. They went to different high schools together. James was also a saxophonist and bandleader… read more >>

Money Mark

Today’s Special Guest

As happens now and again, we have visitors who knock on our door looking for records. Although we are not a record store, we do have a twice-annual record and CD sale that helps keep us going.  This year, our sale starts… read more >>

Fleshtones - Hexbreaker


Yesterday at the ARChive, we listened to the Fleshtones’s album Hexbreaker. It was awesome. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-VCzXvzcuIk] [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xPEF28DI7E]

Calypso Website and Radio Show

Right now at the ARChive, we’re listening to Irwin Chusid’s excellent radio show “Muriel’s Treasure” on WFMU. It happens every Wednesday from 2:00-3:00 and can be streamed simply by navigating over to the WFMU website. Muriel’s Treasure now has a blog, upon… read more >>

bacteria music

Apparently a team of researchers at Keio University in Japan are coming up with a way of storing data in Bacteria. The linked article reads: “Character combinations can stand for specific letters and symbols — so codes in genomes can be translated,… read more >>

Bo Diddley is Our Hero.

From all of us here at the ARChive to all of you, Bo Diddley.  We wish you well on a speedy recovery. Without you, there’d be a lot less interesting music to listen to.

Hoo Hah!

If you are old enough to remember when MAD Magazine was subversive – I kid you not: it really was an under-the-parents’-radar how-to journal of anarchy for preteens – then you know the central importance of Jack Davis. One of the original… read more >>

Kool Man

Ice Cream Truck Music, Today’s new BOMB Pop

It’s become that time of the year again, when the ice cream trucks come out of hibernation and flood city, town and village neighborhoods with little cascades of sound. I keep an ear as wide open for the first of the year… read more >>

What’s On at the ARChive?

Today, Bryan picked out this record by The Baroques for us to listen to. He tells me it’s quite valuable and has always been curious about what it sounds like: Chess Records 1967 psychedelia madness. You know, there might be nothing more… read more >>

Fred Mask Replica

Our First Post.

Welcome to our blog, this is our first post. Phast Phreddie’s phavorite album is Captain Beefheart’s Trout Mask Replica. Ever since he was a teenager, this record has been his springboard into all sorts of different music, including delta blues, free jazz… read more >>