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Almost Round Robert Johnson

It is a hope of the ARChive of the Contemporary Music to some day find an actual 78 RPM record of the great blues singer Robert Johnson among a pile of 78s that get donated to us. The possibility of this ever… read more >>

WVON = “The Voice of the Negro”

Well It’s Black History Month and maybe you missed the story on the LP we have on display in our front window on White Street.  So here it is … Fred Schneider, lead singer and driving force behind The B-52’s rock band,… read more >>


The Pres. says that his greatest fear is, “sharks.” Well, maybe it was Stormy Daniels’ pillow talk.  What we do know is that just after saying he hoped “all the sharks die.” marine life conservation groups reported that donations to preserve sharks… read more >>

In the 18’s it’s the 80s again…

While sorting through a few thousand Brit tabloids (NME, Sounds, Melody Maker, Hot Press, Disc) from the 1980s, and hoping the dust wasn’t the cause of my 3 days in bed, I found some of these early video mags and newsletters.  A… read more >>

The New Year is a Piece of Cake?

Well no.  Not exactly.  We have no idea how the hastily passed and completely unvetted new Tax laws will affect donations to ARC.  Funding may diminish, donations of materials may drop off.  We have faith, crossed-fingers and and a few tricks up… read more >>

Looking Forward > Nice Way to End the Year!

Hi! As we plan our escape from 2017, please consider a donation to the ARChive of Contemporary Music.  We are not as essential as world peace or feeding the hungry, but we believe our work of preservation has great cultural value. In…

Merry Everything!

Here’s a disc from out of the ARC vaults, that somehow reflects the the times we live in or maybe a long forgotten past. Now we are not political, nor religious, but I can tell you one thing – THIS RECORD SMELLS!… read more >>

Final Days of ARC’s Holiday Sale!

This is it.  Last weekend.  Where else can you find a skippin’ Hitler next to a prayin’ Madonna?  We’re putting new things out daily.  So come on down and support the ARC.   There are still some rare and wonderful World Music albums… read more >>

Interns Earn Their Stripes?

Sure we’re corny.  But interns Tony and Kathryn looks pretty sharp today as they catalogued CDs back-to-back, looking for extra copies to sell at our Holiday Sale here at ARC! Speaking of corny – Here a pic of some of the Christmas… read more >>

Chilly? Warm Up To Our Prices!

Above snap of all the $1 CDs STILL left at our Holiday Sale.  Sooooo….. until the end of the Sale, on Dec 17th, everyday, ALL of our $1 CDs are two for a dollar!  That includes the tons of Classical and Latin… read more >>

The ARC Sale THIS Weekend!

Lots of really good LPs for even better prices at the ARC Holiday Sale and we put new things out daily.  Still TONS of CDs also.  Look for extra discounts this Sunday. And don’t forget we have amazing 1960s Rock posters from… read more >>

ARC Holiday Record Sale Starts NOW!

Yep, Today, Sat Dec 2, 11am and going to 6pm.  Continues everyday until Sunday, Dec 17.  What better gift than music?  What better place to shop?  Cheaper than downloading.  Cheaper than online auctions. Great stuff at great prices, all in support of… read more >>

ARC Holiday Sale THIS Saturday

The above photo shows shopping frenzy by ARC members at last nights Holiday Party.  ARC members are those generous individuals who actively support the ARC with annual donations. But today, Friday, we’re goin’ nuts restocking with great new items for the general… read more >>

Give + Go

As we all know, saving recordings is not as important as saving people, or at least doing all we can to make things better.  So this Giving Tuesday, give to a charity that helps people get by.  THEN, if you can, support… read more >>

Moog is cyber, isn’t it?

Well regardless, it’s about as close as we can get to ‘cyber’ around here when hyping our Holiday Sale.  Now there are a few other electronic gems for sale this year – including some Kraftwerk.  So do stop by this weekend, and… read more >>

Too Many Turkeys These Days…

Ah, those were the days.  Poor James Brown.  Harassed, humiliated, ashamed – practically undressed by those fan’s eyes.  “Please, Please, Please” a thing of the past.  But he’s smiling through it all.  So forget those turkeys in DC and on TV.  Even… read more >>

This record belonged…

Well you may not be able to read it, but this is what it’s all about.  The donor of a large collection wrote, in meticulous detail, at the bottom of each LP back sleeve, a little about each record he owned,  like,… read more >>

Sortin’ 45s

That’s Seth + Ari sortin’ 45s, getting ready for ARC’s Holiday Record + CD Sale.  But there’s so much more at this year’s sale than those hundreds of singles – you’ll find tons of LPs and thousands of CDs – most for… read more >>

Our Holiday Sale is a Month Away!

Hope you like our invite taken from bits of Jim Flora covers.  More importantly, hope you like us enough to join the ARC.  If you join you get first dibs on all the records for sale AND food and drink.  This year’s… read more >>