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Wall Items Extravaganza Part 3

Our next installment of stuff on the wall during the 2015 Summer ARChive Record & CD Sale shows twenty great items. If you click on the thumbnail below, you will see a Big-O-Fied version of the photo and you should be able to read everything.

The fellow in the lower right corner is Terry Allen, the famous Texan artist and folk singer who made some very rare records back in the seventies. The one we have for sale is Juarez, from 1975.

The two Black Sabbath, and records by Alice Cooper and Deep Purple are all white label promos. It’s hard to read the Posh Boy record label, so you should note that it is an original of the Red Cross (Redd Kross) EP with “Annette’s Got the Hits.”

The cover with the eyeball in the upper left corner is the 1995 album Disco Volente by Mr. Bungle. In the nineties, when LPs were being phased out, not many releases were issued on vinyl, and when they were, they did not make very many. Plus, thanks to a clever mastering process, this album has a hidden track!

The hot orange “Burrito” record on the top/middle is a collection of tracks by The Flying Burrito Brothers that was made available only to music industry professionals; like radio DJs. It was never offered for sale at stores and it comes in a groovy fold-out cover.

Under that is Wasa Wasa by the legendary underground British psyche group Edgar Broughton Band. You just don’t see records like that floating around any more.

Vacuum Cleaner by Merryweather and Carey is a 1971 psyche/blues record. The drum break from one song on it, a version of The Miracles’ “Shop Around,” has been sampled over a dozen times, with the beat imbedded into tracks by The Beastie BoysJazzanova and the Jurasic Five.

It goes on…

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Summer Record Sale: June 13-28, 2015
The ARChive is located at 54 White Street, Tribeca, NYC • The sale will be open every day 11am-6pm • Free admission • Tell your friends! • New recordings added daily!

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