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Fabian… is In Our Window

Who doesn’t love a stuffed tiger? Fifties teen idol Fabian sure does! Dig this groovy cover of his album Hold That Tiger! Was Fabian obsessed with tigers? Perhaps. He cut the Dixieland standard “Tiger Rag” (from which the phrase “hold that tiger” comes) and “Love Me, Love My Tiger” for this album. It entered the Billboard LP charts in May of 1959. A month later, his song “Tiger” entered the Pop charts—it reached Number Three that summer and became his biggest hit.

Other tiger songs we like: “Tiger in Your Tank” by Muddy Waters (1960), “Move Over Tiger” by Vince Taylor (1961), “Tiger by the Tail” by Buck Owens (1965), “I’m a Tiger” by Lulu (1968), “Wild Tiger Woman” by The Move (1968), and “Tiger Feet” by Mud (1974)

From the world music orb there’s “Tigers of the Raj” (2003) by James Asher, “N.T.U Small Tigers” (2003) by Musukungibulala Wethu, “Chinese Feng Shui Music. Pai hu/Tiger” (1995) by Hua Hsieh, “Geeto Tiger!/The Geeto Prowl” by The Tigers, “Walking on Tiger’s Tale” (2005) by Nguyen Le, “In The Jaws of the Tiger” (2001) by King Jammy, “Tigre” (2001) by Andy Brown and the Storm, and “Tiger’s Paw” (1990) by Bob Kindler.

Of course ARC has the Growling Tiger recordings from that Trinidad Calypso singer, and Tiger from Jamaica, as well as UK singer Tiger Moth. Last but not least, one of ARC’s favorite albums of all time, Eno’s Taking Tiger Mountain By Strategy.

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