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ARC’s Summer Sale Is Going To Swing!

It is May at the ARC and spring is in the air. Also in the air is the excitement that comes with another Archive of Contemporary Music Record and CD Sale! Yes, sirs and ma’ms, the big Summer Sale is right around the corner… June 9 to 24th—three big weekends and all the days in between, we will be open for business from 11AM to 6PM everyday. As always, there will be a vast and eclectic selection of items for sale. Currently displayed in our window is just a very small sampling of what can be had. Witness:

  • The amazing and soulful vocal style of Aretha Franklin.
  • Some great jazz records, including the swingin’ sensation Count Basie.
  • Classic rock from the Dire Straits.
  • There will be lots of folk singers such as the ever-popular Phil Ochs.
  • Music from all over the world—Brazil to Bengal;
  • Singers such as Johnny Cash who sing both kinds of music—country and western.
  • Controversial comedians like Bill Cosby.

Thousands of LPs, CDs, cassettes, videos, DVDs… you name it, it seems we will be selling it—at lower prices than at regular record stores or online.

We are not selling out. These are all extra copies of titles that we already have in our vast library, quite possibly the largest in the country. Money generated from our sales help keep the lights on.

Want to help the ARChive? Donate money or records to the ARC.
We really need 50s + 60 + 70s LPs.  Give, give, give.   Tell your friends about the sale. More than anything, drop on by and buy, buy, buy!  We really do need

Feeling hard-core? Join the ARC as a Member and you will be invited to the First Peek Pre-sale Party that will take place on Thursday June 7, 6pm til 9pm. For $50 (good for two events + two people), you become a lucky early shopper, plus enjoy fine party treats that include pizza from Two Boots, champaign, cookies and other snacks. When has buying records ever been so fun?

This year’s party is generously sponsored by the Beggars Group – big thanks to Sonya Kolowrat  + Martin Mills – who have recently launched a major preservation project, The Beggars Arkive.  Have a look at some of their reissues here:  https://archive.beggars.com/


  1. Sandra

    Bill Cosby is not a “controversial comic”–he is a convicted rapist. You couldn’t find anyone better to put in your window…?

    • B. George

      Hi Sandra. Yes you’re right about BC. But he was also a successful comic, and we do not censor recordings because of the sins of the author – Should we close every library founded by Carnegie or institution by Rockefeller – known murderers? These recordings exist, we save ’em all. Hey, the reason it’s in the window is we want to get rid of it!

  2. Sandra

    No one is disputing your right to display or sell records by anyone. I just thought it might be possible to promote your sale and organization without resorting to a record by someone who was convicted of rape a week ago. I guess we should just be glad you mustered up 2 records out of 8 by women artists!