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Oh Magoo, You’ve done it again!

It is time to get excited about the semi-annual ARChive of Contemporary Music Record and CD Sale that will be taking place this June. There are major changes in the future for The ARC, so we have been extensively scouring the shelves for extra copies of records in order to facilitate these changes when they take place. The net: more than sixty boxes of LPs (over 100 per box) of records to sell. Folks, this is going to be the biggest summer ARC sale ever. So big, that we have extended it an extra week. That’s right. We added seven more days to the sale in order to sell as much stuff as possible. The sale will take place from Saturday June 13 to Sunday June 28.

And what stuff!!! Every kind of music will be on sale–jazz, reggae, rock, disco, new wave, R&B, oldies, pop vocals, soundtracks, younameit!!! In addition to all the LPs there will be a LOT of CDs. Perhaps thousands!!! Many of them at blowout prices! You don’t want to miss this sale. Mark it in your blackberry, your blueberry, your dingleberry. Mark it in you iPod, your iPhone, your iPad or your iPoop! Do what ever you have to do to make sure you make the scene. There will be so much stuff that new LPs, and probably CDs, will be put out every day!

In order to illustrate that this will not just be the same Bee Gees or Peter Frampton records that turn up at every sale, in the window is Magoo in Hi-Fi, a super rare LP featuring the voice of Jim Backus (as Mr. Magoo) and music composed and conducted by Dennis Fernon, who scored many of the Mr. Magoo cartoons. The cover alone—in beautiful shape— is worth the $20 we are asking for it! Hundreds—perhaps thousands—of LPs of such interest and high quality will be available at this sale.

Become a member of the ARChive and you will be invited to the pre-sale party, which will take place on June 11. This year our Party Sponsor is Atlantic Records. There will be beer, wine, hootch, pizza and a first look at all the goodies that will be on sale. How to join? CLICK HERE!!

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