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Something Cool for the Summer.

After a winter and spring of complaining about the cold weather, summer is here once again—no one seems to be able to stop it, or the hot weather that comes with it. The ARChive of Contemporary Music has decided to offer something cool in the window in order to help lower the temperature of those who pass buy and observe it. We ask you: What or who is cooler than Miles Davis?

Kind of Blue is Davis’ iconic album, often called the greatest jazz album of all time. It is certainly one of the best selling, that’s for sure. Recorded in the spring of 1959 by some of the finest jazz improvisers who ever walked the planet, including John Coltrane and Wynton Kelly, how could it not be a great record? If we had the time, we’d explain it all to you, but there have been tons of articles and even books written about the album and we are not going to go into it all here. Just take our word for it: Miles DavisKind of Blue is cool. So cool that when the thermometer rises above the nineties at the ARChive, we put on some Miles and relax. Dig it when you walk by the ARC window.

Listen to the album here on youtube.

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