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Warhol Art Sale in Tribeca

Andy Warhol was one of America’s great artists—of this there is no dispute. During his early years, he designed some album covers for mostly jazz artists. There’s a cool Count Basie one and several that he did for Blue Note Records. The cover he designed for the first Velvet Underground album is legendary; as are the covers he made for The Rolling Stones: Sticky Fingers and Love You Live.

During the eighties, he continued to do album covers, including those for Billy Squire, Aretha Franklin, John Lennon and one that is the the subject of this In the Window, Diana Ross.

The Diana Ross album, called Silk Electric, contained a song called “Muscles” that was written by Ross’ discovery (according to legend), Michael Jackson. It’s a funky pop number, given a hi-tek sheen by Jackson, who also produced it. The 7” 45 RPM version, extracted from the album, was originally packaged in a picture sleeve that depicted a section of the Warhol-designed album cover—a detail, if you will.

Starting on June 11th, when the semi-annual ARChive of Contemporary Music Record & CD Fund Raising Sale commences, we will have several of these picture sleeved 45s available for sale for only five dollars each. That’s right. For only five dollars you can take home your very own Warhol-designed work of art.

Even better: Become an ARChive Member and these little babies will be available to you two days earlier when you attend the ARC’s Member’s Only Pre-Sale Party on June 9. Get details to join the ARC here!

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