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Recent Activities @ ARC – Sept 2018

• You can listen to  88,392 of our seventy-eights  https://archive.org/details/georgeblood for free.  ARC has now collect 300,000+ discs. We’ve had more than 7 million listens so far. 
• You can now  borrow 3,000 of our music books online.  Almost all checked out all of the time! 
• We have now digitized 400,000+ of our CDs in Hong Kong.  50,000 more to go, but our collection grows by the day!    example>>>   https://archive.org/details/cd_you-cross-my-path_the-charlatans   For legal reasons this is 30 sec sample version – full audio and OCR readable texts will be available soon. 
• Recently rescued hundreds of rare music books/records from the now closed Sing Out Magazine in PA. 
• More and more major universities and libraries are donating to us, incl:
      * Boston Public Library.  All of their audio – 250,000 never circulated 
         LPs   and 78s. 50K digitized so far
      * John Hopkins University (4,000 jazz 78s) 
      * Connecticut College – collection of historic sheet music that links
         online to the Great78Project
       * Batavia Illinois Public Library – 48,000 78s
       * Kansas State University – 8,000 78s  
• We have 45,000 78s coming from Denmark.  In the garage below, Roskilde DK
 • Get ready for Scandinavian (or Nordic?) Music Week,  MidSummer 2019
• 5,000 78s coming from Italy
• NYTime chief music critic Jon Pareles has donated his 8,000 CDs.
• We created a gallery of 60 labor movement + protest recordings we got from a collector in Sheepshead Bay.
• The Donald Moss Collection, LA.  8,000 hot jazz LPs and 78s. Don was expert in the music of this era, created + wrote 1972 Timex All Star Jazz Festival, which won a Peabody + Christopher Awards).  Don wrote some of TV’s most popular variety shows, comedies, and dramas: This is Tom Jones, Different Strokes, The Love Boat, Matlock, and Murder, She Wrote, including final episode. A real character Donald was a regular on the celebrity game show Tattletales. PLUS we got a Rock-Ola 78rpm mint condition, working jukebox. 
• The Richard Zirinsky estate has donated 39,000 CDs and many hundred LPs.  It is a great world music collection.  Richard founded and ran Adventure Music, the leading Brazilian Jazz label.  BTW his estate sold off more than 100 vintage cars, but forgot to offer us one – not even one of the 30 Porsches!!   
• 18,000 CDs from the Jeff Daniels Collection
•  6,000 jazz recordings from William Johnson in Southern NJ
• Another 6,000 discs donated to the 29K discs in the Salamon & Ward Country & Western Collection by Mr. Ed Ward. 
• ARC did research and digitization for Taschen book’s, Art Record Covers?  Who knew Matisse drew Ella Fitzgerald?  
This week we got these :
• 78 Instantaneous Recordings (acetates / lacquers) of Roosevelt’s presidential acceptance speech at the Democratic convention, Chicago, 7.2.1932.  A long winded set of 8 aluminum discs.  Real NY history I think. Would have been cut in situ – scarce, if not rare.   This one done by NBC Radio – I’m sure other companies made live recordings also and I have seen excerpts on film.  Know anything about this? 

Collection here now more than 3.35 million recordings.  

So a lot happening…