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Use our space

The ARC has space available for events and exhibitions from January – April and from July – October. All other times the space is being used to hold our record + CD sales.

Our gallery has two white walls, 20 ft high x 28 ft. long, running the length of an even longer 25 ft. wide room. Seating is available for 60 people in adorable miss-matched chairs. In addition to this gallery space there is a standing/mixing area. All-in-all the spaces can accommodate 125 people comfortably. There is a kitchen and bathroom, and a minimal sound system — turntable, CD, cassette, and small speakers.

Our space is perfect for industry events — we’ll even throw in a tour of the ARC.  You can, by the way, arrange a tour by calling us or contacting  Visit.org for group tour information,

Our collections space and library stacks are also available for photo, film and television location shoots. One example of using a fabulous visual space like the ARC is when the BBC used our stacks as background for an interview with Facebook founder Chris Hughes. 

ARC has hosted parties (BMI), meetings (ARSC), workshops (Scandia NY) and performances (Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Co.). William Ellis presented a gallery show of his photographs in September 2014.

Fees vary.  Depend on your circumstances and our availability.  Film and photo shoots range from $3,000 – $5,000 per day.