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Support the ARChive

There are a great many ways you can help the ARC preserve the history of popular music.
Please consider joining, donating or using one of our services.

  • Join the ARC and become a Friend. This is the easiest way to help. Your monetary donation goes towards day-to-day expenses and activities. Annual memberships start at $50 and we send you a nifty membership card and invites to sale parties and events.
  • Name a shelf or shelving unit There’s an awful lot of shelving here at the ARC and we always need more. Learn how and see a list of the more than 50 luminaries who have purchased shelving.
  • Adopt a record or book (NEW). Pick a favorite LP, single or book and we’ll attach your name to it, and it’s metadata, forever. Our entry level of support and more fun than your name on a brick outside a museum (maybe).
  • Donate materials. We build our collections primarily through donations by the entertainment industry and nice folks like you. All donations are tax deductible and greatly appreciated. You can read our acquisitions or collections policy and tax guidelines here
  • Create a Special Collection Special collections are substantial focused collections endowed by and named for a donor – like the Keith Richards’ Blues Collection here at the ARC. The How-To is here, and an overview of all our existing named Special Collection are here.
  • Come to our Record + CD Sale Our sales are fun and a chance to get great deals on good, bad and ugly (also rare, fabulous and peculiar) recordings.
  • Sponsor or contribute to a Sale Party Our sales are a major event here at the ARC and it takes a whole lot of generous people to make it work. Please consider helping out by sponsoring the event or contributing recording or refreshments.
  • Shop @ Amazon Smile and ARC gets a teeny, tiny, really smallish, itsy-bitsy but nice donation from Amazon.com. You can buy anything – from windshield wipers to baby wipes – getting things you were going to buy anyway, giving us a hand at the same time.
  • Intern or volunteer. What would we do without you?