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Our Next Sale


Sad but TRUE

as the ARC relocates there will not be a

Record + CD Sale in 2022

Thanks to all who have donated, shopped and partied in the past

With luck maybe an event in the Fall @ the new HQ in upstate NY

Stay Tuned!

If we can get the permits for parking, look for a sale at the new upstate location summer 2023.



What’s this all about?

In the past, for more than 20 years ARC held a record sale @ 54 White Street in Tribeca.

Twice a year, usually early in June and December. Each year approximately 250,000 recordings were donated to the ARC. We sorted through these, making sure to keep the two best copies for our collection, then sold off all third copies. Our sales improved the permanent collection, freed up space on the shelves and put a great many lovely and hard to get items back into the hands of music lovers.

So while the sales are on hold, Please continue to donate LPs + CDs  and anything musical.

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