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Sometime I Can See Right Through You

Flexidiscs, cardboard cutout records and magazine soundsheet inserts are in the news these days. Recent buzz was on the ARSClist lately, with a link to a nice snippet on NPR. You may have guessed that ARC has a few of these items… read more >>

Paris – Day 9 – Europunk + the Anonymous B.George

Today a visit to the immense and impressive music complex at the Parc de la Villette to see the exhibition Europunk @ the Cité de la Musique. Cité is a wonderful space hosting a musical instrument museum, concert, teaching and listening areas,… read more >>

Our Times has come…

Today ARC was featured in the NY Times, in the NY/Regional section, with a nice story by David Gonzales.  There were two electronic versions, and these featured cover art and sound files – you can go to  here 2 hear. I was… read more >>

We Love Joe.

As B., Phreddie, Jon and I turned the corner of White Street on the way to work this morning, we noticed Joe Torre sitting on our stoop. Just sitting there, waiting. When we got close, he stood up, stretched out his hand… read more >>