Songs South of the Shawangunks…

Upstate neighbor William “Wilbur” Houghtaling has been dropping off early C&W, Bluegrass and Hillbilly 78rpm 10” shellac recordings lately.  Daily visits.  Now over 1000 discs.

The disc at the top, “Blue Moon of Kentucky,” is the original version of a song that Elvis later recorded at Sun Records.  Another piece of audio archeology is, “Everybody’s Trying To Be My Baby.”  Carl Perkins took the chorus (and title) of this Roy Newman song and wrote his own song around it.  The Beatles later covered the Carl Perkins’ version. 

Up to now we’ve only collected Blues, selected Jazz and early Rock’n’Roll 78s.   So now we’re thinking hillbilly maybe?  Our original mission statement was to only collect microgroove recordings, but hey, who cares.  We’ll take anything interesting.  So now we’ve started our newest Named Collection, “The Wilbur Houghtaling Hillbilly 78 Collection”.  Not exactly a PC moniker, but some mighty fine records.

Wilbur lives in Staatsburg. He’s worked in record and book stores, at a toy warehouse that was also a record rack-jobber where he was a buyer, and for 20 years as a buyer at Record City in Poughkeepsie.  Wilbur had a lot of records.

Wilbur plays several instruments and has been in many bands, including The Pukes, The Geeks, The Duds, The Secretions (who became The Midnight Specials), Hot Off the Grill, T-Bones, Dixie Fried, The Higgins Brothers Gang and several others whose names have been lost to history. Today he plays in a group called Filler that has vowed to never play in front of an audience. 

Here’s a few more we liked.  Still plowing through the heap of Hank Snow…








Thanks to Fred Patterson who did the song research