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Million Dollar Twang

On January 20, the Million Dollar Man will move into the White House. Here at the ARChive, we have our own idea of what is worth a million dollars: Twang! We’ve got $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, a compilation of Duane Eddy’s biggest hits up until 1960, hanging in our window to remind folks about the important things in life. Yes. Twang!

During the late fifties, Duane Eddy developed a style of playing lead guitar incorporating mostly the bass strings and bending them with his fingers. This style, coupled with an echo effect developed by producer Lee Hazelwood, resulted in a sound that can only be described as “twang.” Although the twang sound emerged from Hazelwood’s studio in Phoenix, Arizona, it was a key influence on surf music that was beginning to rear its head soon after this LP was released. From 1958 through 1963, Eddy had more than 25 Top 100 pop hits, becoming one of Rock’n’Roll’s first guitar heroes.

Twang!” It’s what’s happening and it is in our window!

(First posted January 10, 2017)

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