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Jonathan Demme

What can we say? Learned this morning that our pal and filmmaker Jonathan Demme has died of a heart attack at 73. Jonathan used ARC for research on his films, hosted two fundraising parties for us and donated a great many of… read more >>

Getting In the Pink

Soooooooo much happening here at ARC these days, thought we’d fill you in. Well we’ve never seen a pink 45 insert, but now we have. This from a great new collection of more than 8,000 recordings from South America, the David Chomowicz… read more >>

Freaky Friday

Yes, It’s a freaky good times today as our pal and long-time ARC Board member Nile Rodgers is inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.  Just wanted to share a few images from a few of the things Nile has… read more >>

Long Live Chuck Berry!

On Saturday March 18, Chuck Berry died of natural causes at his home near Wentzville, Missouri—a town west of St. Louis. If you have to ask, “Who’s Chuck Berry?” then I suggest you get back into your space ship and return to… read more >>

Bluegrass in the house!

A few weeks ago, a fellow named John Prael contacted the ARChive about donating his record collection. He said it consisted mostly of bluegrass and country records. He was able to deliver the records to us here on White Street on Monday,… read more >>

Repeal + Replace…

Did I praise Spring in the last blog?  Well, snowstorm today, a Nor’easter Tuesday?  Regardless, we’re doing some spring cleaning in these-here parts, and wanted to re-visit some recent discoveries we’ve unearthed.  We term our endless comparing of existing recordings in the… read more >>

Spring A Head…

   As we’ve been going through thousands of 78s to begin digitizing them with our partners at the Internet Archive, we’ve notice many odd little things.  Our favorite little thing is the little floating heads at the top of these old labels. … read more >>

Love’s A Gas!

As we end the month of Feb. and all the love stuff we’ve been posting on Instagram, #ARCnyc we’re gearing up for a few new things coming your way.  After all Spring is in the air and that means hula-hoops and whoop-de-doos…. read more >>

Not All You Need..

…but LOVE helps!  And there’s plenty more LOVE on our Instagram thing, #ARCnyc

Talkin’ “Craps”

This Thursday ARSC will present a talk on the early recordings of Richard Pryor’s comedy LPs on Laff Records.  Sounds like fun.  Here’s the details for any and all in the NYC area.  Dan Blazek presents Richard Pryor’s Laff Recordings.  7:00 P…. read more >>

Million Dollar Twang

On January 20, the Million Dollar Man will move into the White House. Here at the ARChive, we have our own idea of what is worth a million dollars: Twang! We’ve got $1,000,000 Worth of Twang, a compilation of Duane Eddy’s biggest… read more >>

Happy + Relaxed + Ready for 2017!

Happy Everything as we wind down 2016 and prep for 2017!  Look for our first new posts in the coming year  highlighting all we’ve done lately – Big things like collecting more than a quarter million seventy-eights and smaller things like finding… read more >>

Mr. Santa’s Boogie!!

’Tis the season to be jolly, and all that, here at the ARChive. We’ve just completed another successful Holiday Sale and soon we will be off for a bit. So we thought we would put something in the window that is appropriate… read more >>


The End Days are HERE!

No, we’re not talkin’ bout the new administration, or some other Apocalypse, but the final two days of ARC’s Holiday Record + CD Sale This Sat + Sun, Dec 17 +18, 11am-6pm Still plenty of bargains to be had, like these above… read more >>

But Baby, It’s Cold Outside…

Sure it’s cold.  It’s supposed to be cold.  But here at the ARC the deals are still hot, hot, hot.  See above for some of what we got. So mitten-up and come on down to our Holiday Sale and take home some… read more >>

Yet Another Reason for the Sale!

You know, the Holiday sale is not just for getting rid of extra copies, it’s a clarion call for MORE. Responding to that call was ol’ pal Ben Young who dropped off ten cartons of record and distribution company catalogs accumulated over… read more >>

More Jazz + More…

Here’s another batch of great Jazz LPs we’ll be offering at our Holiday Sale STARTING NEXT WEEKEND.  So do drop by.  I am sorting and pricing this weekend and also found lots of amazing reggae, Brazilian, modern classical and experimental music to… read more >>

Why We Do the Things We Do…

While dodging the hoards of Whole Foods workers delivering $80 turkeys to the 1% in Tribeca this AM I saw this in the trash.  Marriage breakup?  Death?  Eviction?  Space problems?  New beginnings?   Whatever the reason a portion of history, albeit personal, was… read more >>

Jazz Me, Baby…

It’s sale time again and ARC has an unprecedented group of Jazz LPs for sale at this years Holiday Record + CD Sale!  Sure we have all styles of great music, but Jazz is really strong this year.  You can see a… read more >>