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Clean your closets! …please.

ARC’s Holiday  Record + CD Sale Well, it’s sale time again and we need your help.  This year we have tons of nice jazz LP – really beautiful stuff.  Not to mention the World Music CDs – the best we’ve ever had… read more >>

Decor d’Audio

Before a recording was marketed by eye candy designed to appeal to your audio sweet tooth, 78rpm singles were housed is generic sleeves touting the record label, not the artist.  But people, the great wild-card in any scheme, felt the need to… read more >>

Scary how many records

The above is one of the recently donated 80,000 seventy eights – yet another scary collection! You can read a bit about our work with all this frighting material and Fred’s great DJing gig a-way out West where we packed up the… read more >>

Fan-tastic, Fan-tabulous, Fan-delicious…

Loving an artist enough to build your world around them is not a new idea. Even those Roman’s knew how to cheer with a little Latin “fanaticus” meaning ‘inspired by god,’ So while we knew you could swoon for Sinatra, be bitten… read more >>

ARC HOLIDAY SALE – just around the corner

Yes, records are the stuff that dreams are made of.  OK, maybe a few nightmares too.  But if you love to cuddle up to some great music, at great prices AND support the ARC in our 31st year, do drop by for… read more >>

We Preserve Insect Parts!

Today The New York Public Library for the Performing Arts announced they would launch a Hip Hop Collection.  Congrats.  Well we LOVE this great library, so to honor their being 39 years behind the times, and 31 years after we started collecting… read more >>

Prince Buster

Last Thursday, September 8th, saw the passing of Prince Buster (real name Cecil Bustamente Campbell), one of the most influential figures in ska and rocksteady music. Starting in the early 1960s, when sound system DJs began recording their own, distinctively Jamaican music,… read more >>

The Next President

The best thing about presidential elections is the humor that they invoke. At this time, we at the ARChive feel a need to remind folks of one of the pioneers of political humor: Mort Sahl. Mort Sahl was one of the first,… read more >>

Lazy Days + Kid Plays

Slowin’ down here as we approach the Holidays, and thought the most we could muster was a nice pic of a pallet-full of mostly early 10″ children’s records that have recently arrived here at the ranch.  So what are we doing for… read more >>

Crown Heights

On this 25th anniversary (not the best term) of the violence and riot in Crown Heights I want to show two 78rpm recordings donated recently here at the ARC.  Why?  Well I was on Utica Avenue the morning of August 19, 1991,… read more >>

Bridging the Gap

If you’ve been following Alex’s excellent Instagram posts, you know that last month we focused on flexidiscs and paper recordings, and in August we are exploring the outer reaches of space from inside a space helmet. Well, lo and behold, we came… read more >>

Instagram: Space Helmets

! We’re changing up the theme for our Instagram account every month, and for August the theme is Space Helmets. Here at the ARC we have countless recordings with outer space related artwork, and these are a few of our favorite covers… read more >>

Goon bones + Oysters

B. here. In San Fran. Goin’ through tens of thousands of 78s in our collection, stored a-way out West in partnership with the Internet Archive, and these caught my eye. Old as the hills, buried in the dirt, throughout history bones made… read more >>

Paper or Plastic?

  Have you checked out the ARChive’s Instagram (username: arcnyc) lately? This month we are highlighting some of the interesting paper and plastic flexi discs in our collection. These are phonograph records pressed into very thin plastic or plastic coated paper. Popular… read more >>

Hills + Heels

Hills + Heels.  That’s what they got here in San Francisco, and as you can see from these LP covers from our collection out here.  I’m going through boxes and boxes of LPs and 78s for the next few weeks.  Speaking of… read more >>

Bobby Rydell Delivers That Old Black Magic!

For the last dozen or so years, I have been asked to DJ at least one night at the Lincoln Center’s excellent Midsummer Night Swing series of outdoor events. Each event consists of a DJ, a dance instructor to teach the proper… read more >>

Red, White and the Blues

This Indi Day I found a few very nice blues LPs at a flea market upstate. Above; here I am shopping in my usual 4th outfit.  Below; some records I found. Like all good Americans I also watched the latest Independence Day… read more >>

Polka Patriots

A tip-o-the-tricornered-cap to Rachel Austin Shapiro who donated a box of Holiday Happiness to light up our 4th!  These LPs were mostly polkas, mostly Patriotic PA based bands, all on independent labels – just perfect for celebrating our Independence Day.  And who… read more >>

But It’s All Over Now…

Well, the walls are nearly empty as dealers start buying up all the left-overs from ARC’s Sizzlin Summer Record + CD Sale!  We’ve got buyers from Lebanon, Brazil and even far-flung Jersey City.  You may not know it but we clear out… read more >>