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Tiki Redux

Wednesday is Hawaiian Shirt day, again. Let the ukuleles ring out, and we’ll celebrate with one of my favorite cereal commercials: [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvCxfdcl1yM] Aloha, – Jonny

Pour some Shuggie on me

Did a little shopping for my brother-in-law’s birthday at the ARChive sale today. Is everyone hip to this trip? Shuggie Otis’ Inspiration Information re-issued on vinyl, with bonus tracks, we got a big stack of them, AND THEY ARE TWO DOLLARS APIECE!… read more >>

Gore Verbinski, Pirate of 1980s Punk Rock

The other day I was cataloging a box of 80s punk and metal records (lots and lots of bad 80s metal from Metal Blade Records) and came across this record: Not a bad cover, I s’pose.  Anyway, it stood out because it… read more >>

Guess what I have in my hand

I’m becoming a bit of a specialist, I’m afraid. Whenever a comedy record comes over the transom, usually found tucked discreetly in a dark corner of a large donation of music, it lands on my desk. Don’t know what gave it away,… read more >>

Reggae. ReggaeReggaeReggae.

One afternoon in late 2002 (November?), while I was living in Jamaica doing fieldwork on mento for my dissertation, I bumped into Colby Graham at the National Library’s circulation desk.  I don’t exactly remember why we started talking – maybe someone suggested… read more >>

National Day of Stryper

Last night’s members pre-sale party went GREAT, thanks to all the members who stopped by, and to all the new members who signed up! Today we’re busily preparing for tomorrow, the first “official” day of our summer sale. It promises to be… read more >>

What a Difference a Day Makes!

Overture, curtain, lights This is it, the night of nights! Members, don’t forget! Tonight is our big pre-sale party! We want to see you all there not simply because we love you,and not merely because this will be our biggest sale EVAR,… read more >>

Tiki ARChive.

So, it’s Wednesday again. ARChive insiders know that can mean only one thing: Hawaiian Shirt Day is here again. Also known as Tropical Shirt Day, or occasionally referred to as Day of Phony Pan-Polynesian Cultural Appreciation. Nerds? Maybe. But the whole staff… read more >>

More Paris Hilton Madness!

Today is the ARC is annexing the adjacent space so we have some friends over helping us prepare four our BIG SUMMER SALE (I encourage anyone in NYC reading this to clink on the link and learn more). One of the folks… read more >>

Yes, It’s Perfunctory Now.

On father’s day, a singer named John Ogrodowczyk sang “God Bless America” during the seventh inning stretch at the Red Sox game at Fenway. Normally I change the channel during this little bit of baseball “tradition” because I feel like it was… read more >>

Another great donation.

  Today the ARChive received an incredibly generous donation from a fellow whose marriage was in jeopardy—his wife told him to get rid of his records, or to get rid of her. With that ultimatum, he packed up more than 30 or… read more >>

Ice Cream Wars

Today, Boing Boing did a little bit on the Ice Cream Patent Wars of the 1930s and linked to two archive.gov articles by Jefferson Moak entitled The Frozen Sucker War: Good Humor v. Popsicle (click here for links to part one and… read more >>

DOG DAZE O’SUMMER record + cd sale!

FOLKS! It’s that time of the year for the big DOG DAZE O’SUMMER record + cd sale! Our sale raises money to help fund the ARChive. It begins Saturday, JUNE 23 and lasts until Sunday, JULY 1 and runs from 11 am… read more >>

The Buddha Box is Back!

Readers will doubtlessly remember B.George’s post a little while back about the Buddha Box. Well, when B.George finally returned from Singapore, a demonstration was in order. Turns out, his box has 18 loops of nirvana-seeking awesomeness. It runs either on three AA… read more >>

Boris Vian, instrumentiste

I first heard about Boris Vian (3/10/1920 – 6/23/1959) in James Campbell’s Paris Interzone, heralded in the punk-friendly chapter head, “We will spit on Boris Vian.” Interzone describes literary post-war Paris seen from the perspective of Black American expats and the porn… read more >>

Best case scenario for an Ethnomusicologist.

Yea, so what if Xeni Jardin got there first. I’m loving it, so it goes up here, too. [youtube=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i7qxbD1tk18]

New ARChive Uniforms!

In Singapore they are offerings to the dead. Here in NYC they’re a fashion statement. Bob brought all the kids sacrificial paper shirts. Mine is an example of a very rare imprint; Ralph Lauren’s Pollo. Tastes great with arroz y frijoles negros…. read more >>

Mento, Calypso, The Beat, Oh My!

This month’s issue of The Beat arrived today. Although it’s special because it’s the “25th Annual Bob Marley and the Wailers Collectors Edition,” it has particular meaning for me because it includes two obituaries I wrote about friends who have recently passed:… read more >>

Paris, Back in the Hoose Cow

  [Added June 19: HEY! FOR ANOTHER PARIS COMPARISON, CLICK HERE!] […and don’t forget our big summer sale!] Quelle pauvre! Paris, she is going back to the slam! I thought I might commemorate the event with a list of “prison” songs (Don’tcha… read more >>