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Pop and Lock

The ARChive is a deep and wonderful place. As I was sorting through the children’s section for the records I wrote about yesterday, I came across these two gems, both from 1984 and I just had to share. First, we have Break… read more >>

Hey You Guy-ys!

Sure, we all watched the Electric Company at one point or another. Chock full of famous actors (Bill Cosby, Rita Moreno and Morgan Freeman were regulars while folks like Gene Wilder, Victor Borge, Mel Brooks and Joan Rivers all popped in now… read more >>

If Artists Ran the Country . . .

I acquired this poem in Tompkins Square Park, which is located in the East Village section of New York City, during the recent HOWL Festival. No mention is made of what musicians would do if artists ran the country, but I imagine… read more >>


The world’s first post-modern film is I Wake Up Screaming from 1941. The culture-quotes are relentless, beginning with the Gershwin-esque music intro, a quick take on Pygmalion/Galatea, a restaging of a Hopper diner scene, a protagonist named for a early Renaissance Florentine… read more >>


So this week K. and I are wading through decades of accumulated crapola in preparation for the big yard sale (11th Street near First Ave. this Saturday, if you’re around) and we uncovered this vintage Beatles scrapbook. This was given to K…. read more >>

Elvis was the male Janis Martin

Janis Martin, rockabilly immortal, passed away this week. Sadly, she will forever be known, courtesy of the boys in publicity at RCA, as “The Female Elvis”. That moniker would be plenty for a novelty flash-in-the-pan mediocrity trying to cash in on the… read more >>

One Billion Year Old Run-off Groove

Thirty years ago today the US Government launched Voyager 1, a spacecraft designed to provide data on Jupiter and Saturn. By now scientists expected Voyager to be damaged or lost, yet it is still zooming through space, more than 10 billion miles… read more >>

The Message: Run-Off Grooves and Pop Music Consciousness

  In the manufacture of phonograph records, there are a number of blank or “musicless” grooves at the end of each record. These are put there for several reasons, among them the inability of the operator of the recording machine to raise… read more >>

Brooklyn Baseball

Well the Sox are in town, and baseball fever grips the ARC. Fred, our archivist, is star (only) softball pitcher for the “The People”, who ended the season tied for first place (MAYBE a playoff?) in the amateur Zen League last evening… read more >>

Beat & the Unbeat

Never one to miss an opportunity to hear some Spontaneous Beat Prosody, while grazing at a local purveyor of vinyl slabs I recently laid a paper George Washington head on the checked-out counter and strolled away with this item. Click here to… read more >>

RIP Jah Jerry

August 11, 1921 – August 13 2007 [dailymotion id=12x6bSM2C1JevjyIf]

Cool T-shirt of the day

Today, this T-shirt was spotted on a fellow talking on his cell phone across the street from the ARChive. This is one way of saying “corporate rock sucks.”

French Girls Are Vicious!

As you head out on vacances let us suggest some light reading… ARCster B., having donated all his records to the ARC, exposed a gap in his psyche. Luckily, rushing in to fill the abyss were the ladies of France. Go to… read more >>

In Today’s ARChivewear Fashion

When I arrived, I learned that it wasn’t simply Hawaiian Shirt Day, but that it was Tiki Hawaiian Shirt Day. Neither Jon nor I have tikis on our Hawaiian shirts, so once again B. and Phreddie are Wednesday’s fashion elite. Here they… read more >>

Past Lives

If you ask, nearly everyone you know went to Woodstock, or was in a band, or once dated someone in the Eagles – or at least it seems that way. So it’s nice to see some proof every now and then. [Joshua… read more >>

Happy Birthday, The CD.

  Today is the 25th anniversary of the compact disc. Although there seems to be some consensus that today is indeed the CD’s silver anniversary, astute readers may note that different sources disagree over which one of the above three CDs was… read more >>

Crazy like a fox.

God knows we love Britney Spears, y’all. But she’s troubled. Oh, so troubled. “Celebrity train wreck” troubled. The divorce from K-Fed, rumors of a sex tape, botched rehab, crotch shots, hair weaves that don’t fool anyone, greasy couture chicken fingers and a… read more >>


Everytime you think you’ve seen it all, done it all, lived long enough – wham, there it is, in a pile, on the ground, at a flea market – the Cugat Calypso Tie Collection. No matter that Calypso + Cugat go together… read more >>

More Osteo-Musicology

To prove there’s nothing new under the sun, witness the Bone Fone. A classic white elephant of the ‘Seventies, you could usually find one in anyone’s basement next to the yogurt maker and the wood burning kit, waiting patiently for the next… read more >>

It Makes Brushing Okay, I Suppose.

Hasbro has a product line called “Tooth Tunes” which consists of toothbrushes that play music while you brush your teeth. What makes these toothbrushes different is that you hear the music through your teeth via bone conduction while you brush. They even… read more >>